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Welcome to NBSHS Retro Radio Info Page

We’ve come a long way since 8 Track Tapes and Players were the cutting edge in audio technology! (Check out our Flash Back pages!)  Some things, like audio technology, have definitely improved with age; however, some things, like the music that influenced the lives of the Class of 1977, have never been topped! In honor of the 35th Reunion of NBSHS Class of 1977, have created a free musical website playing the music that influenced our lives.

There are over 1,377 songs streaming on this site; although I have tested most of them, today’s technology is not perfect and so there may be a few glitches. If you notice a song that doesn’t play, please use the comment box below to let me know so that I can fix it.  There are many live versions of the music as well as remastered or rerecorded versions; if any of the music is vulgar or offensive, please let me know so that I can remove it.  Click here to report issues to: Maggie The Geek

FYI, if a song isn’t playing or you don’t want to hear the one that is, click on the small right arrow on the music player and it will take you to the next song. If you want to mix it up, click on the shuffle button. If you are having problems using the music player, look for the Retro Radio Help link on the music site which gives a visual outline on how to use the player.

Last, but not least, not all the songs you hear will be from our high school years of 1973 – 1977. There are so many great songs from so many talented musical artists that influenced our lives before, during and after high school graduation and felt it was only right to include them on our playlist. Hope you enjoy this music as much as I do!  Click on links below to start listening to your free music.

Your classmate and friend,

Margaret Scott Lynch

P.S.  Although this site is designed for and dedicated to NBSHS Class of 1977, please feel free to share this site with whomever you want.


Retro Radio Help
If you would like to see instructions on how to use the NBSHS Retro Radio, click here for step by step Retro Radio Help.


Retro Radio Player
Click below on Red Retro Radio icon to instantly hear over 1,377 free streaming music files!
WARNING: Music will begin immediately when you click on this icon so check your computers volume before you do!!! For Emergency Stop – Close the webpage and come back here to start off gently!


More Free Music
If you would like to hear additional free streaming music in a variety of music genres from yesterday to today, please click on red link to go to: